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Anna speaks at schools, bookshops, festivals and libraries throughout the year.

Her illustrated and interactive presentation is suitable for any age. It lasts about an hour and explains how animals have helped humans in wartime, which real life WWII heroes inspired THE UMBRELLA MOUSE duology, what the French Resistance did, how she writes, the benefits of reading and concludes with questions and a book signing.

Anna teaches creative writing to children and adults. She also offers a special How To Be A Spy workshop, which is suitable for children aged between 7-11.

Please contact her to arrange a visit.

'Anna was so kind, friendly, engaging and passionate about her profession that she has surely inspired many budding authors in our midst.'  -- SEER GREEN SCHOOL

'The children were totally engaged by the session. THE UMBRELLA MOUSE piqued the children's curiosity and imagination for weeks afterwards.... She had a really gentle and engaging presence, connecting with the children through many means including photographs and props of the characters the children were able to pass around. Evocative tales of the relationship she had with her late grandfather to tapping away on her phone on her early morning commute... It was very special for the children to be given this thrilling behind-the-scenes tour to such a richly inspiring story.' -- THE DOMINIE

'Anna totally inspired our Year 5 children when she visited us... The children were engrossed as she explained how she was moved to write the book through the mystery and intrigue of the French Resistance in WWII... We were extremely lucky that Anna stayed and delivered a perfectly pitched and engaging creative writing workshop to develop the children’s creative writing skills.' -- PECKOVER PRIMARY SCHOOL



Anna's Letter to School Children Pip & U

Anna's Letter To School Children
(Pip & Umbrella)

Thumbnail: Letter for Schools Noah's ark

Anna's Letter To School Children
(Pip & Noah's Ark)

TUM Discussion Notes

The Umbrella Mouse 
Discussion Notes

Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 12.57.57.png
Thumbnail_ Umbrella Shop
Thumbnail_ Pip and Umbrella
Thumbnail_ Churchill's Secret Animal Arm

The Umbrella Mouse and
Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue
Discussion Notes 

High Res Images For Displays

1. James Smith & Sons Umbrella Shop 

2. Pip and Umbrella 

3. Churchill's Secret Animal Army

Thumbnail_ Noah's Ark

4. Pip and Noah's Ark

Thumbnail: TUM Cover

5. The Umbrella Mouse 


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